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Living in Canada, a large country with a relatively small population (just over 37 million as of the second quarter of 2019), we're exposed to art, media, news, industry, culture, food, etc., from a wide variety of countries. It's not uncommon for Canadians to know more about art, culture, news and so forth from other countries than knowledge about their own.

Art Canada Institute (ACI) is a great place to visit to find out more about Canadian artists you may know and Canadian artists you may not. Since 2013, ACI's Canadian Online Art Book Project features free to download digital books written by art experts covering key artists that have contributed to Canada's art history and culture.

If you're more "traditionally" inclined, favouring printed books over digital, ACI has begun producing print versions of the books on their ACI Print Books: The Canadian Art Library page.

Visit Art Canada Institute (ACI).

Visit Canadian Online Art Book Project.

Visit ACI Print Books: The Canadian Art Library.

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